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Grange Resources Limited (“Grange” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that, following the completion of an A million drilling program, the Mineral Resources at the Southdown ... defined using geological boundaries and a cutoff grade of 10 wt% DTR (Davis Tube Recovery) and …

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Magnetic Susceptibility Determination (Davis Tube Recovery “DTR” Test, Induced Magnetic Roll Recovery Test) ... IHC Robbins utilises the latest management systems and computer technologies in delivering these services and in its’ preferred field of mineral sands consultancy has established an excellent position in this field.

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Sep 26, 2012· Laboratory Davis Tube Tester: The Davis Magnetic Tube Tester consists of an extremely powerful electromagnet which can generate a magnetic field intensity of up to 4,000 gauss, a glass separation ...


For the DTR, a low intensity magnetic recovery method, the composite samples were pulverised down to 45 microns and then passed through a Davis Tube, an inclined water filled glass tube with electromagnets mid

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The average head grade of all Muande significant intercepts is 21% Fe with the Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) magnetic concentrate grades reporting a weighted average of 69% Fe at a mass recovery of 26% (representing a total iron yield of 87%).


ADDITIONAL HIGH GRADE IRON CONCENTRATE / DTR RESULTS HARDSTAFF PENINSULA April 28th, 2011, Melbourne: The Directors of Pluton Resources Limited (“Pluton”) (ASX: PLV) have received final concentrate assay results from the Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) analysis of the third

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The grade measure of this is DTR, Davis Tube recovery, or DTC Davis tube concentrate. Simply put %Fe = %DTR x % This is for pure magnetite but typically a miner will produce magnetite between 58% and 69% Fe. Typical mine grades are from 25% DTR to 45% DTR. Davis Tube operation .

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1 Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) is laboratory magnetic separation process using a Davis Tube. Separation gives the percent mass recovery of magnetic Separation gives the percent mass recovery of …

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davis Tube recovery As many iron ores either are magnetite or contain magnetite, the use of Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) is industry standard for the quantitative analysis of the magnetic minerals in the sample. SGS experts will use DTR to determine the magnetic content of your iron ore. Sample material

DTR results from drilling at Victory Bore in Western ...

DTR results from drilling at Victory Bore in Western Australia confirm potential for production of highgrade iron and vanadium concentrate • KEY POINTS: Preliminary Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) test work confirms that a high grade vanadium concentrate can be produced from Victory Bore ...

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Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) assaying of composite diamond drill core samples, including assaying of the resultant concentrate by XRF analytical methods from within the Yampi Member at the Hardstaff Peninsula, has been in progress.

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DTR Davis Tube Recovery AcronymFinder. 3% Fe delineated at Telecom Hill Davis Tube Recovery DTR testwork indicates high quality concentrates of >65% are achievable from the Telecom Hill main BIF 1 target unit with low impurities and mass recoveries about 22% Read more.

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Labtium can carry out a preliminary feasibility study using Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) test and analysis of the head, tails and concentrate by chemical methods for total iron concentration and SATMAGAN measurement for magnetite content.

davis tube recovery wiki

DTR stands for Davis Tube Recovery. DTR is defined as Davis Tube Recovery somewhat frequently. Reply. The Best of Miles Davis YouTube. Sep 16, 2015· The Best of Miles Davis Tracklist : 1. On The Champs Elysees 2. A Dinner In Town 3. What's New 4. Woody'n You 5. …

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Davies Tube Recovery (DTR) testing is a laboratory technique which uses a Davis Tube to recover magnetic particles from an ore samples. The per cent mass recovery of magnetic material is determined from the mass of sample recovered compared to the sample mass.


the Davis Tube Recovery (“DTR”) technique. This technique includes the recovery onto magnets of magnetite from a sample ground to a specific grind size as determined by grind curve testing

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Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) Heavy Liquid Separation. Mineralogical Investigations. ALS Minerals | Iron Ore Technical Centre ... Davis Tube testwork. Scrubbing testwork. Permroll high gauss magnetic separation . ... Automated Disc presentation to XRF Spectrometer. ALS Minerals | …


GRANGE RESOURCES LIMITED SOUTHDOWN MAGNETITE SCOPING STUDY FOR PER Submitted to: ... Dtr Davis Tube Recovery Dtfe Fe grade of Davis Tube concentrate ... Process Recovery The process recovery uses the DTR in the model times to allow for plant losses.


Under the mine plan, material is delivered to the plant at a LOM average of an estimated % Davis tube mass recovery (DTR) and concentrate grade of % Fe. Plant recovery on average is % DTR mass recovery at 70% Fe.

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Davis Tube Recovery Results at 40 Micron including High Tenor Magnetite Extensive Davis Tube Recoveries (“DTR”) testwork was carried out through the Mt Forrest project area. Some 930 analyses have been completed to establish the variation within the magnetite resource.

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Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) results are very encouraging for a number of key reasons: ˜ Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) test work confirms very high mass yield of % over 50m magnetite BIF zone.

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JORC Inferred and Indicated Resources of billion tonnes – at a magnetite recovery of 14% (Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) at a % cut off) for 348 million tonnes of high grade (% Fe) concentrate – capable of sustaining a longterm operation and with potential for expansion;

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86 definitions of DTR. Meaning of DTR. What does DTR stand for? DTR abbreviation. Define DTR at Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools ... DTR: Davis Tube Recovery: DTR: Drive Thru Records (record label) DTR: Defence Training Rationalisation (UK) DTR: Downtown Radio: DTR: Daily Time Record ...


ASX ANNOUNCEMENT 26th Aug 2009 Page 1 of 5 DISCOVERY OF LARGE TONNAGEPOTENTIAL MAGNETITE MINERALISATION FROM HAWSONS IRON PROJECT DRILLING HIGHLIGHTS Excellent Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) concentrate chemistry reported in drill samples – average of % iron (Fe) with very low