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Mar 21, 2010· Hi I have looked on the internet recently and not had much joy. I am looking for a simple way of repressing crack, this spost has nothing to do with it! If anybody has any ideas without spending lots of money on a 14tonne press would be much appreciated!?

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Definition of Cocaine. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that comes from the coca leaves. For centuries, South America people chewed and ingested the coca leaves to …

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Cocaine is the world's most powerful stimulant of natural origin. South American Indians have used cocaine as it occurs in the leaves of Erythroxylon coca for at least 5000 years. Cocachewing promotes clarity of mind and a positive mood.

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LAST year, some 35,000 peasant farmers in the Colombian department of Putumayo, the world's largest single source of cocaine, signed pacts agreeing to pull up their coca bushes within 12 months in ...

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Having to repress true feelings as a way to cope with life as you're expected to, without disappointing the enviourment surrounding you. Typically by a leadertype person who is looked up upon, and is trustworthy, especially in dire situations.

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Jan 07, 2013· Compressing cocaine is just done with a little moisture, shaping it, then adding pressure. After leaving it for a day or two, … After leaving it for a day or two, … Buy Procaine Powder .

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How To Repress Cocaine – YaHooka Forums Hard Pressed Guest . Posts: n/a How To Repress Cocaine. how do you repress coke from powder to solid rock using a hydraulic press? ... how repress coke and make it rock hard machine for met coke hardness of coke crusher pet raymond mill coke coke electric grinder pet botel crasher machine oscillation ...

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Dec 16, 2010· How to rerock cocaine? 1. royalflesh. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles Greenlighter Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 1. 20102009 00:10. I am no drug dealer but, i would like to know how they rerock cocaine. My buddy usually sells cocaine but i dont buy from him cuz i know he cuts it.

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how you cut and repress cocaine with acetone , Mcalisters Lovin Spoonful Cake Recipe Hello and welcome to a sweet spoonful my name is megan gordon and this is a ... Learn More >> How do you repress

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Cocaine has a bitter taste and the addition of any cut will tend to alter that taste. A milk sugar cut will sweeten the cocaine although dextrose has a tendency to sweeten the substance more than lactose. Procaine will be bitter to the taste but will tend to numb the gums and tongue quicker and longer than cocaine.

repress cocaine recipe

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug Cocaine was even the main ingredient in the early recipe of the famous These drugs can repress the breathing get more info. Cocaine Processing

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Aug 17, 2018· The History of Alcohol Throughout The World ... including the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and the British. From ancient times, when beer recipes were recorded on tablets, to Prohibition in the United States, to the staggering modern rates of alcoholism, alcohol consumption has brought people together and torn them apart ...

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pure cocaine will make your heart explode, a friend of mine got a very high quality coke and was left in a coma for 4 weeks afterwards, lots of damp cokey paste in ireland at the mo. you cannot take pure cocaine! dannyking, Sep 9, 2008 74 . dannyking WellKnown Member.

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Eh, cocaine is pretty useful for studying the reward system of the brain and how it can be hijacked during addiction… as for the scientists, every milligram of cocaine they use in their experiments has to be accounted for, so hopefully there aren’t researchers out there skimming a bit off the top of the container of cocaine in the lab for other purposes.

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Lamentably these "increases," alongside other handling techniques, can repress the assimilation of the flavonoids. Sustenances rich in cocoa may lessen pulse, which could be because of flavonoids, since they can alter the creation of provocative modulators and widen veins in the body, like omega3 fats.

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*This is from knowledge from my friend who did 6 years in prison* You will need acetone, and some how to press it, the easiest way is to put it in like 10 bags, add acetone, roll it in your hands ...

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Sorry to hijack the thread but you seem pretty knowledgeable in this field. I read awhile ago that there's a product in the UK or somewhere called 'magic fishscale' that apparently gives your product that shiny look of real fishscale coke.

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acetone is indeed a reactant in the production of crack cocaine, however crack is generally smoked, not inhaled or ingested. the acetone is . a former dealer once told me that cocaine is often rebricked to make it appear weak stuff, not that i like coke, if you throw a plate at me ill do it but thats it.

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Cocaine is a salt and you can see its crystalline structure. Itslightly glimmers in the light. Heroin is a chunky powder that doesnot exhibit crystalline structure.

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Sep 26, 2011· You will see an oily substance float to the top this is your freebase cocaine. Once it stops flotaing to the top remove the lighter and let the spoon sit for a minute or two. Get a small knife and scrape the oily/filmy top layer and put it on a piece of tin foil and smoke it.

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how to press powder heroin back to solid rock the act of rerocking cocaine back into rock form after cutting it with . ... how to turn rock heroin back into powder ...

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april 14. How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone If it had a strong cocaine odor it was cut heavily with ether. the smell might have been acetone but it could have been benzene (you don;t want . anybody can re rock some up with acetone and its going to be a solid chunk discourtesy dysfunction.

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Nov 04, 2007· My idea for a recipe would be to crush up some caffine pills, mix it with some lidocaine powder, and add a slight amount of moisture. This would create a cocaine look alike, that would excite the mind, and numb the desired body parts.