how to repair a psp screen

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Where can I get my broken Sony PSP fixed? Ask Dave Taylor

Their PSP Screen Repair Service charges only 79: “Our flatrate PSP LCD screen repair includes everything you need to get your PSP back up and running as quickly as possible. Once we receive your PSP, we will install a brand new replacement LCD screen within 24hours and send your PSP back to you via Overnight courier.”

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PSP Replacement Parts 1000, Slim 2000, 3000 Series and PSP Go There are not many places to find highquality, low cost, and guaranteed PSP replacement and repair parts to fix a broken or damaged PSP game unit.

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This is a high quality PSP LCD screen replacement part. It is used to ... It is used to ... Meijunter Replacement LCD Touch Screen Display for PSP GO PlayStation Portable Go Console

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If it is the plastic screen that is cracked on the faceplate of the psp and not the actual screen, you can just buy a new faceplate. If you decide to do this, you will void the warranty (if there is still one) for it and you will need to remove the analog and put it in the new faceplate

can you fix a cracked screen on the psp? | Yahoo Answers

Jun 27, 2006· Dude don't listen to the ignorant people above, the fact is you can get a psp LCD For about 70 or 80.(50 from a crappy store with crappy shipping) or I recently cracked mine but I haven't bought a new LCD yet.

Replacing PSP 1000 Screen

Apr 13, 2009· Introduction: Replacing PSP 1000 Screen. By Sandisk1duo Follow More by the author: So last summer, my sister broke my psp by dropping it. At the worst possible moment, ... I'm using this to fix my screen. 0. riccolesmana. 9 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote.

How to Repair a Sony PSP3000 Screen Know About Life

If the screen on your Sony PSP is experiencing problems such as horizontal lines, it is probably the result of a bad connection. There's no need to take your PSP into the shop because you can actually fix this connection problem on your own.

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Repairs Universe is a third party replacement parts wholesaler of highquality LCD screen, touch glass and digitizer screen replacements and repair parts for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, PSP, Zune, Droid, HTC, Nokia and many other cell phones

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Features: This is a new LCD screen for PSP 3000 Replace the damaged LCD screen and offer your device a new look. This will also cure display problems, …

Vertical Lines on PSP Slim 2000? | The ...

Mar 10, 2013· Hi guys, I upgraded to PROC (Fix 3). All was good, until I started to recover my saves with MagicSave. During the process I noticed two faint vertical lines on the far left of the PSP and 1 on the far right (please refer to the images).

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The PSP 3000 was released in the on the 15th of October 2008. PSP 3000 troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. ... PSP 3000 Repair. ... PSP 300xc . Featured Guides. PSP 300x LCD Screen Replacement. Guide for replacing the LCD Screen in a Sony PSP3... PSP 300xc Motherboard Replacement. Replacing the motherboard for the PSP 300xc ...

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The repair wound up taking 37 days to complete, at a price that was not much less than replacing the Camcorder. But the true value of the experience was soon to be found, and it would be priceless. Where there's a problem, there's an opportunity.

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Apr 28, 2013· So I found my old PSP and I want to know if there's anyway I can fix the screen. I googled it and everyone says to replace it but I don't have the money to buy a new screen. They seem pretty expensive I might as well buy a new one instead. Please help :)

How to repair your PSP's LCD Screen

PSP with a broken LCD screen… but it’s hackable, so it’s worth saving!. So I started asking around and found someone who had a broken PSP Phat. The original 1000 model. The screen isn’t so much widescreen, the speakers are on the bottom instead of on the front, and the WiFi switch is on the side rather than the bottom, but other than that, there’s nothing really amazingly different ...

How to Fix Scratches on a PSP Screen

This article covers the repair of scratches on the OUTER screen of a PSP (any model up to 3000). This is what you would do instead of just buying a new outer screen on Ebay or protecting your outer screen with a screen protector which can also be purchased on Ebay.

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[free download] psp go screen scratch repair Psp Go Screen Scratch Repair scouting for psp go screen scratch repair free download do you really need this book of psp go. 7 Ways to Fix a Scratched Video Game wikiHow. Jan 20, 2018 · How to Fix a Scratched Video Game. . You can use cold water to fix scratches on your game, .

DIY Guide to Repair Your Broken PSP Screen | EveryJoe

Jan 15, 2007· Is not that hard to fix that broken screen and you can gain a lot of satisfaction after that (plus you can offer to fix for others for a fee and make some bucks or two *wink*). Ken’s Fix your Broken PSP Screen Guide

How to Fix a Black Screen on a PSP | It Still Works

Jun 26, 2017· How to Fix Scratches on a PSP Screen This article covers the repair of scratches on the OUTER screen of a PSP (any model up to 3000). This is what you would do instead of just buying a new outer screen on Ebay or protecting your outer screen with a screen …

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This replacement works great and was easy to repair. would recommend it to any user who is attempting to repair their PSP 1001 screen. Read more. 2 people found this helpful. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. lfred. out of 5 stars As good as the original... mostly. February 1, 2014.

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To understand how to fix a PSP screen, separate the faceplate from the PSP. Get the butter knife. Carefully wedge the screen borders. This will allow you to pry off the LCD screen. Step 3. Find the one inch filmlike strip hooking up the PSP to the LCD screen. Look for the tab and pull it up. This will remove the connection of the two.

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so i got a psp go the screen is scratched in a few places... more of a eye sore than anything... so question is how can i fix this.... i invested to much time downloading games to just get another one and i have no internet connection.... i went to a local sheetz to download all my games and that was a pain in the butt itself.... so is there a faceplate on a psp go i can get because i know the ...